T10 Cricket League Start One Week Before, to be played from December 14 to 17

The inaugural T10 Cricket League (t10cl), which has pulled in top global cricketers including Eoin Morgan and Shahid Afridi, has been presented by one week and will now be held between December 14 to 17.

The League was initially booked for December 21 to 24 however will now be played before at Sharjah Cricket Stadium to give players’ adequate time to get ready for the Big Bash League and universal visits.

Pakistan Cricket Board announced last week that their top players will be available for selection but wanted them back in time for a training camp ahead of their visit to New Zealand early next year.

“We have done this to accommodate the bigger pool of players because the Pakistan team is travelling to New Zealand on the 27th December,” Shaji Ul-Mulk, chairman of the T10 Cricket League,

“They have a camp and will get ready on the 20th. We were advised by the Pakistan Cricket Board into looking into the possibility of moving the dates and we were able to do that. It will also allow players, who are competing in the Big Bash League, which starts from 19th December, to play in the T10 Cricket League as well.”

Disregarding the way that it’s another setup that will see around 70 five star cricketers – including Chris Gayle and Virender Sehwag play in 10-overs-a-side matches, which will latest 90 minutes each, there has been no absence of interest.

The six establishments Punjabi Legends, Pakhtoons, Maratha Arabians, Bangla Tigers, Colombo Lions and Kerala Kings were altogether declared amid the sparkling dispatch function in Dubai prior this month.

With the new competition dates now set up, Ul-Mulk uncovered that the player draft will now happen on Saturday November 5 in Dubai.

He additionally affirmed that tickets will be discounted from November 1.


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