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Mzansi Super League Live Streaming 2019

Mzansi Super League Live Streaming is absolutely delighted to note that all the MSL matches will continue to be broadcast live on SABC’s television and radio platforms, not to mention the reach of our various social media platforms, and thus has the potential to take the game to every corner of the country.

The Mzansi Super League (MSL) opened a new chapter when it was launched last year in Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) overriding vision of making the game accessible to all and at the same time maintaining a standard of excellence and providing sustainability for the future.

T20 cricket is by far the fastest-growing format of the game and has not only inspired more and more young people to want to play our game but has also attracted a new generation of fans. T20 cricket is indeed as much about the fans as it is about the players and, while excellence on the field is paramount, the fan experience is an equally important component.

MSL T20 Mzansi Super League Live Streaming Tv Channels and Broadcasting

With the manner in which T20 cricket is involving fans in many different ways

This is a wonderful opportunity to broaden our fan base to a new level and to consolidate our plans to make cricket a truly national sport. It is worth recording that the exploits of our national heroes through the diversity of our players have enabled the SABC to draw audiences of more than 10 million to their television coverage of our national team and we certainly intend to build on the platform that our wonderful role models have created for us.

Mzansi Super League Live Streaming

Making cricket accessible to all through live coverage by the public broadcaster, keeping ticket pricing at an affordable level and providing family entertainment in a secure environment

will make MSL 2.0 a win-win product for all.

It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome all our stakeholders whether they be players, coaches, administrators, fans or commercial partners to MSL 2.0. I can sense we are on the verge of yet another exciting chapter in CSA’s young history!

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